Radio Verulam broadcasts live Tim Peake chat

Radio Verulam has relayed a live amateur radio link-up between a local school and the International Space Station.

The live chat with Astronaut Tim Peake to the West Herts region took place on Friday, from St Alban’s Sandringham School.

Sandringham is one of the first of 10 UK schools to talk directly to the British astronaut, and was assisted by ARISS (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station) and Verulam Amateur Radio Club, who trained and helped license several pupils to perform the link up.

For the brief duration of the space station’s passing over St Albans, pupils were able to ask Tim a range of questions from queries about molecular forces and liquid hydrogen, to whether a helium balloon rises in space.

Radio Verulam built up to the link during the Breakfast Show, with presenters Lee Evans and Nick Hazell playing a number of space-related songs and tracking the space station as it neared Hertfordshire, re-broadcasting the entire session live until the space station passed out of range.

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