Ofcom simplifies Key Commitments for community radio

Ofcom is to introduce a new simplified version of its Key Commitments template for community radio stations.

The regulator is proceeding with proposed changes, with one minor modification to our original proposition.

Ofcom received 15 responses to the consultation about the changes, which have been published (in whole or in part) on its website. Radiocentre, which has previously been unimpressed with the way community radio stations can generate income, is believed not to have responded to the consultation.

Ofcom said: “There was a general recognition among respondents that the sector needed flexibility and a lower administrative burden. “We consider that services should have the flexibility to
adjust their programming within the overall character of service. However, Key Commitments will specify the main types of speech and music output a service provides over the course of a week.”

The new template will specify the main type of music, and the main types of speech, broadcast over the course of a week. It will also state how many hours per day (minimum) will be original and locally produced.

In addition to a response from the UK representative body for the community broadcasting sector, the Community Media Association (CMA), ten responses were received from individual community radio stations (Blast 106, Bradford Community Broadcasting (BCB), Canalside Community Radio, Canterbury Youth and Social Media (CSRFM), Forest Community Radio, IÚRfm, Raidió Fáilte, Seahaven FM, The Voice and one station that wished to remain anonymous), and four were from individuals.

Posted on Thursday, March 3rd, 2016 at 1:36 pm by Roy Martin

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