Moyles encourages everyone to back DAB radio

Chris Moyles took a quarter of an hour of his show today to explain the benefits of digital radio and future of Radio X.

He was encouraging his listeners to spread the word about DAB and thanked his loyal fans for buying new radio sets just to be able to listen to him on Radio X via DAB.

“It’s so easy – it’s just a radio – there’s no new buttons to press. It’s not like SIRIUS in the States which has a subscription,” he said. “The fact that’s it’s in mono is just stupid quite frankly, but people are still working on it to sort it out.

“We all need to back digital radio and spread the word,” Chris said. “It’s my mission to get this radio station up there with everybody else”.

He talked about Manchester being a level playing field for the station because it’s on FM, and that there are people in radio in Manchester who are worried about Radio X. Chris compared the future of radio to how television has switched off analogue radio and everything is now digital, saying some people don’t realise all TV is now digital, and he wants the same for radio.

He continued: “I want to rip the heart out of the radio industry, give it a slap, then put it back in.”

Chris also threw back to the Arqiva rant last week, confirming everything he said was a joke and he didn’t mean any of it.

Have a listen to the bulk of the link below:

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