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North Cotswold Community Radio disconnected

North Cotswold Community Radio is offline at the moment due to a connection issue.

The station says BT Openreach has disconnected its phone and broadband services whilst putting in lines for the new Post Office in Chipping Campden.

No programmes have been streamed since the afternoon of Tuesday 4th April and the station says its unlikely that the problem will be fixed in the short term.

Station founder, Robb Eden says: “It is sad when local people give up their time to provide a service to others only to be stopped by companies such as BT Openreach who are supposed to be regulated but have a will of their own.

“We would like to hear from anyone in our community who has suffered similar problems & if enough people come forward we will broadcast a special programme to highlight the difficulties that individuals & businesses in our community have had when dealing with this company”.

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