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Stephen Nolan gets himself trapped in a studio

BBC Radio 5 live host Stephen Nolan has managed to get himself stuck in a BBC studio on Friday.

His chair got wedged in the studio door whilst he was inside filming a video update for Facebook Live on his phone after his show on BBC Radio Ulster. It’s something we wouldn’t believe unless it was being filmed, expressed Stephen.

Commentating over the video evidence, he said: “Whatever way my fat back was leaning on the back of the chair, the chair got stuck.

“I jammed the back of the door to the handle of the door. I was barricaded into the studio!

“Why do these things happen to me?’ He asked.

He was in there for 35 minutes, and you can see the video in short for yourself here.

Just a few months ago Stephen had to be rescued by Police after he got trapped on top of a hill and was almost late for his show.

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