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Radiocentre launches microsite for driving response

Radiocentre has launched a new microsite to help explain to agencies and advertisers how to use radio to optimum effect to drive response.

The information can be found at radiocentre.org/driving-response.

The microsite’s structure is two-fold: “Why use radio to drive response?” explores the strategic rationale for radio in response campaigns and “Proof of Effectiveness” demonstrates the results that advertisers have achieved. The site features case studies for Frank, Audi, Strongbow and more, plus relevant research and creative examples of how brands have driven both direct and indirect response through radio.

It also provides practical advice and considerations to help advertisers get the most from the medium, all available to download.

Mark Barber, Planning Director, says: “Radiocentre has a mass of information about the power of radio to drive response and it makes sense to gather this intelligence in one, easily accessible place. We hope that this new microsite will support consideration of radio as a response medium and help advertisers use the medium more effectively in driving response for their business.”

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