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INRIX makes plans to centralise data collection

Traffic and Travel service INRIX is currently considering centralising its UK data collection activities into its Worldwide Data Centre in Birmingham.

The move would mean potential job losses at locations around the UK, or the option for staff to relocate to the West Midlands. Broadcasters would remain in the regions providing audio bulletins to stations.

Peter Lees, Director of Media Operation, told RadioToday: “INRIX’s Centre of Excellence in Birmingham has been successfully aggregating worldwide journalistic traffic & travel data for the last four years for countries outside of the UK.

“We believe that inclusion into our Birmingham centre will ensure we provide a very high quality consistent and granular service for our UK customers in the future.

“Our broadcast services will continue unchanged from our seven locations across the UK”.

The news was delivered to staff at a company meeting on Tuesday morning.

On Wednesday, the eRADIO newsletter published an observation that all broadcasts would be moving to Birmingham as well – this is incorrect.

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