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JACK goes national playing only British music

The team behind JACK fm in the UK is launching a national version of the brand called Union Jack.

Union Jack will launch at 11am Friday on D2, via interactive apps and online at UnionJack.co.uk, playing only British music. Jack FM’s Paul Darrow is the voice on the station and there won’t be any presenters on-air at any time of day*

* CORRECTION: Turns out the station will have presenters, just not any irritating ones as per the press release!

The station claims it will have the most extensive playlist of music on national commercial radio, but won’t include any songs by artists who aren’t British.

Donnach O’Driscoll, co-CEO of Union JACK, said: “We have conducted a huge amount of research and the feedback confirmed that there is a massive gap in the radio market for a new national station which promotes the very of best British music.”

Ian Walker, co-CEO said: “Britain has been at the forefront of groundbreaking music for over six decades. Union JACK will lead the way in celebrating this rich heritage, playing the greatest UK music and also discovering and supporting British new talent.”

Union Jack will start at 11am, broadcasting on the last bit of space available on the Sound Digital multiplex – 24 kbp DAB+.

Clive Dickens Co-Founder of Union JACK added: “UK commercial national radio is over dominated by three companies and it’s time for a complete shake up. Our team has already created two of the most successful radio brands in the last ten years and we know all great things come along in three’s!”

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