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Radiocentre targets Airbnb with new radio advert

Airbnb’s Jonathan Mildenhall is the latest Marketing Officer to become the centre of attention for Radiocentre’s latest campaign.

Mildenhall, formerly VP of Global Advertising at Coca Cola, oversees a multi-million pound UK advertising spend but currently spends nothing on radio.

The song is in the style of a house anthem and tells Mildenhall that “there’s just one place to be – on the radio for Airbnb.” The song also makes use of the global home-share brand’s positioning “Belong Anywhere” when the lyrics belt out “We Belong together…” in reference to radio and Airbnb.

The 60” and 30” Airbnb spot launch today and will run across national and commercial stations including Absolute and Kiss. It will also run on a number of local stations around the UK. It ends with a call to “see radio differently at radiocentre.org.”

Mildenhall’s song is performed by Phebe Edwards, who has sung and toured with Rita Ora, Jesse J, Donna Summer and James Brown. All targets of the campaign, including Mildenhall, have been deliberately kept in the dark until the first spot aired to demonstrate how radio advertising can create fame.

Radiocentre’s Client Director Lucy Barrett says: “We’ve all put a lot of thought into this one. Jonathan is a very upbeat person and this Ibiza house track has been created to give him a perfect upbeat holiday feeling. As other leading digital first brands such as Uber and eBay are already using radio we know that Airbnb would feel right at home on radio, which is fitting given its tagline is Live There.”

The Jonathan Mildenhall ad was created by Lucky Generals, composed by Simon Bass and produced by Pure Soho.

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