Stephanie Hirst records radio advice videos

Radio and TV presenter Stephanie Hirst is appearing in a series of online videos that offer advice and opinions on the state of UK radio.

Topics include tips on breaking into the radio industry, her opinions on the future of radio, and thoughts on her own career. Stephanie recorded the videos, entitled ‘Stephanie Hirst’s Radio Tapes,’ with little preparation after a chance meeting with a former radio colleague.

“I was in the Sharp Project in Manchester recording a TV show when I met a former colleague from the old days” she said, “we started talking about our shared passion for radio, and he saw that I still feel strongly about the industry. He runs a film and video business in Manchester and he invited me into his studio to talk about the industry”.

“It was a real on-the-spot challenge, but that’s how I used to exist in the radio studio, so I loved every second of it! I didn’t really think about it, but thought ‘why the hell not?’, so after a bit of make-up, we went into the studio and we recorded it all in about half an hour.”

The former colleague she met is Paul Renhard, Creative Director at Tadah Media who worked with Hirst at Pulse FM in Bradford in the 1990s.

“I saw Stephanie walking onto the set and said Hi. We started talking and it quickly became apparent that she has a great deal of wisdom and serious knowledge about the inner workings of the UK radio industry. Such wisdom shouldn’t go to waste so I thought let’s record it for posterity and help people who need some sage advice to not only get into the industry but stay in it!”

“This is not a commercial venture – no money has changed hands – it’s free advice about getting a career in the radio industry for everyone to learn from. We all filmed and edited gratis. Stephanie has a breath-taking understanding of radio, and its s crime that her insight and radio instinct is going to waste”.

A new episode of the video series, entitled Stephanie Hirst’s Radio Tapes, will be released each week.

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Posted on Tuesday, November 29th, 2016 at 2:57 pm by RadioToday UK

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