Angel Radio switches to Portsmouth frequency

Angel Radio is switching off its 101.1FM frequency today as its new licence to serve Portsmouth on 89.3FM commences.

The station has been operating a community radio licence for Havant since February 2002, but last year won a separate licence for Portsmouth. Due to Ofcom rules, the station can only operate one licence at a time so have given up the 101.1FM frequency.

The good news is the new licence covers both Portsmouth and Havant.

In 2014 the station spent thousands of pounds in an attempt to take over The Breeze 107.4 radio licence from Celador, which covers Portsmouth.

Angel Radio’s Station Manager, Tony Smith, told RadioToday “We are over the moon about finally being able to reach tens of thousands of FM radios in Portsmouth, but the cherry on the cake is the choice of frequency that we have been allocated. Once we are broadcasting on 89.3 FM nobody in Portsmouth will be able to tune into BBC Radio 2 without finding Angel Radio first.

“I’m quite confident that people finding Angel Radio, even if it’s by accident, they will immediately be drawn in by the unique sound of vintage music, older voices, and the information of direct relevance to local older people.”

Posted on Wednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 11:15 am by RadioToday UK

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