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Jennie & Foxy lined up for Signal 1 Breakfast

The new hosts of Signal 1’s breakfast show are Signals’ Jennie Longdon and Free Radio Birmingham’s John Fox.

They replace Andy Cook and Louise Stones who announced on-air last week that they were leaving the show.

Jennie started at Gem in Nottingham and went on to Free Radio in Birmingham. Most recently she’s been presenting the late show across the Wireless Group FM network.

Foxy started at Viking FM before moving to 210FM then BRMB where he has presented the breakfast show for six years. He was one-half of the long-running duo Foxy and Giuliano till Giuliano left last year.

John Fox said: “I can’t wait to get started on the Signal1 Breakfast Show. Having presented shows on the station over Christmas and at the weekend, I’m already in love with the listeners and really hope they’ll get involved in the new show when we start on March 6.”

Jennie Longdon added: “I’ve been on the late show for a while, so my body clock is going to be all over the place for a while, but I can’t wait to get started. Foxy is a brilliant laugh and we really hope the audience will love what we have planned for the show.”

Wireless Group’s Group Programme Director, Terry Underhilll told RadioToday: “Bringing this talented and high-profile duo to Signal 1’s Breakfast Show will help us continue to keep the station at number one. They will bring a wealth of experience to the show and we’re really looking forward to them waking the region up in style from March 6th.”

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  1. Rachel says

    Quite confused now. Signal 1 said it wanted a change so has put in another male/female duo to host the breakfast show!??? No disrespect to Jennifer and Foxy but…why???? Wasn’t broken, didn’t need fixing!

    1. Collette says

      How do you know it didn’t need fixing? Have you seen the ratings? I doubt a business that relies on advertising revenue would make such a drastic change unless it was really needed. From a personal point the show was stale, most of it was repeated from the hour previous and their voices were worse than nails down a chalk board.

  2. Elizabeth Evans says

    Still cannot believe what they have done !!!!!!

  3. Colin Brown says

    started listening ti Signal 1 when Perry & Louise did the breakfast show and Liz Ellis did Drivetime, I liked to listen to Andy and Louise when Perry Spiller left and had just got used to Paris Munro on the Journey home. But since the powers at signal decided to make a change by getting rid of Andy Cook & Louise Stonesfrom the breakfast and have no adequate replacement for either of them or Paris, I will just retune my Radio to Either Silk 1069 or BBC Radio Stoke. The Signal breakfast show did not need changing the managemtn of the station on the other hand do.!!

  4. […] Jennie & Foxy lined up for Signal 1 Breakfast The new hosts of Signal 1’s breakfast show are Signals’ Jennie Longdon and Free Radio Birmingham’s John Fox. Radio Today […]

  5. Kim Semple says

    Been listening since Monday it’s boring , loved Andy & Loiuse.. will tune into something else as from today..

  6. Emily says

    Everyone deserves a chance so I have been listening over the last couple of days and have decided that I’m not going to be listening anymore. I’m young at 21 and got told it’s been updated as Andy and lou wernt relevant. I disagree these 2 new guys are rubbish. Another listener lost.

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