Iain Lee says all other radio shows are bland


talkRADIO’s Iain Lee is entertaining listeners by attacking the radio industry for being bland, saying he’s going on strike about it.

He spent the first hour of his show on Thursday night encouraging radio presenters to strike with him next week, and telling listeners to turn off the radio on Sunday night and leave it off for a week.

“There is nothing on the radio worth listening to apart from this show,” Iain proclaimed. He said all other radio is bland and listeners deserve better, whilst using the hashtag #radiobland on Twitter to highlight his point.

talkRADIO’s schedule page has Jake Yapp standing in for Iain Lee next week whilst “Iain takes a well deserved holiday”!

Developing….. The show continues till 1am.

Posted on Thursday, March 2nd, 2017 at 10:54 pm by Roy Martin

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  1. Philip Carman says

    i totally disagree with Iain Lee – there is a lot of good radio – especially local BBC radio – in particular BBC Gloucestershire which informs, entertains without sounding preachy, and Roger Day on BBC Radio Kent/Dan Chisholm on BBC radio south west in the evenings – they are 2 of the best radio people around as you feel as if they are talking to you and are forever surprising me with the music they play.

    1. Richard Cornish says

      I agree, Dan Chisholm’s late show is superb and it’s about time he got the recognition he deserves. The Roger Day show is also very good.

  2. Scott says

    By strike, he means he needs a rest.

  3. Bloubergman says

    He is correct.

  4. Mary says

    And the point of this story is?

  5. Robin Juste Emery says

    He is right, to a degree, however I do feel there is a lot of good radio out there – especially in BBC Local. Commercial stations are too automated now and share content with regional stations, Smooth and Heart included. There is rarely anything local in commercial radio now.

    Having not heard the show last night, on first reading this I feel Iain is just having a week off and using strike action as a publicity stunt. I could be wrong, but let’s see if any other presenters come forward and join his protest.

  6. Irene says

    A comic presenter makes a joke. Big news.

  7. Cornwall Danny says

    If you don’t like your radio working job then leave simple as that! There are thousands out there who would love a job in radio and like the radio as comfort. And as many we all disagree with Ian Lee whoever he is been on radio strike.

  8. Eric Wiltsher says

    Ian is partially correct – most of the establishment service are not radio, they are just juke boxes with a poor soul having to read out approved cards. The creativity that was once the DJ, is for the most part dead – I guess that’s why more and more regular folks are joining the prgressive broadcasters online. Well they would, travel up and down a country – drive from one country to another and back again, the sound quality is better than some FMers and the DJ are encouraged to use there brains – well that’s how it works on Radio Tatras International.

  9. Willie Bone says

    Actually, TalkRADIO can be a bit bland as well with the exception of George Galloway’s programme on a Friday night, 7pm to 10pm! Larger than life George Galloway is a public hall ”crowd puller” and is more than able to fill a three hour phone-in programme on TalkRADIO!

  10. Derick Davis says

    I agree Radio is totally bland. Thank God for Radio Caroline,on various services still breaking the mould, they will not conform to all that boring current FM/DAB has to offer in the UK.
    They fight for injustice on our radio which has been going on for years. But the system is now controlled by over merging of radio groups and less freedom & choice, this has dulled the imagination of the industry.To them its just how to make a quick Pound rather than great radio.
    1 day maybe radio will improve, I will forever support free radio like Radio Caroline. Those inferior companies have brainwashed people into believing this is all that’s worth listening to.
    As technology progresses they are losing that grip on reality, long live free radio uninhibited by being boring. Radio Caroline lives on with this ETHOS. 🙂

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