Is there a point to Hospital Radio in 2017?

David Lloyd will be questioning the existence of hospital radio when he attends the sector’s annual conference this weekend.

He’ll be hosting a session called “Is there a point to Hospital Radio in 2017?” It follows his recent blog on the same subject.

Other seminars include a session from Chris Stevens of Devaweb and Chris Country, plus discussion on advancing the results of last years Impact Report, published by the HBA.

Stephanie Hirst and Alan Dedicoat also be special guests at this year’s HBA Conference and Awards taking place in Bolton.

The Awards ceremony, on the Saturday night, is again being hosted by Lincs FM’s Director of Programming Sean Dunderdale – it’s the 10th year he’s co-produced the awards with his Scunthorpe Hospital Radio counterpart Iain Lee. The ceremony itself is being held in a converted 16th Century Church, named the Cloisters, which is attached to the Conference hotel.

Delegates attending the weekend are also being promised a series of trips to neighbouring hospital and community radio stations in the Bolton, Chorley and Blackburn area.

The annual Conference is held in different parts of the UK. Previous weekends have been held in Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Blackpool, Northampton and, last year, in Watford.

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  1. Ian Williams says

    Is there a need for a hospital radio? Are you serious? I volunteer 13hours a day, 5 days a week in our hospital radio station, namely Radio Glangwili in Carmarthen, South Wales, and would certainly not waste my time if I thought that there was no need for the service. We have through the years encouraged and proud to announce that at least six persons who started with us have gone into the media scene, some of which are the main presenters on television and radio. Who so ever asked this question should spend some time in hospital themselves to see whether a radio service is needed, especially if you haven’t got visitors coming to see you from one day to the next. Music has been proved to be the best therapy to aid in the recovery of hospital patients. Do you really want to get rid of such a valuble service?

    1. RadioToday says

      David was simply asking the question to start a debate and host a session on it at the HBA weekend. It is very possible the answer will be “yes”!.

  2. Jock Name says

    Was there ever a point? The money would be far better spent on actual health services than a vehicle for has-beens and never-will be’s

    Tom Binns’ hits the nail firmly on the head with his Ivan Brackenbury character.

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