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Listen: Heart 80s starts with Whitney Houston

The first artist played on Global’s new digital station Heart 80s was Whitney Houston.

So Emotional – a hit in 1987 – played just after 6am today as Roberto hosted the first breakfast show and welcomed listeners to the new station.

Former Heart and Capital presenter Roberto is the only daily host on the station so far, which is also on SKY and Online. Jason Donovan is on at weekends.

Roberto said: “I absolutely loved my first show this morning. Playing all the big 80s feel good tunes non-stop really is the best way to start your day. Heart 80s is a brand new station, it’s a brand new show and I’m very excited.”

Absolute 80s, previously the only UK-wide 80s station, is still identifying as the UK’s only 80s radio station. Bets are being taken in the RadioToday office to see how long it takes them to remove this claim after Absolute 70s previously ignored the existence of Smooth 70s a few years ago.

Have a listen to the launch here.

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    Even before Heart 80s, Absolute 80s was not the only UK 80s radio station – s Free Radio 80s is about, sure not UK wide on DAB, but neither is Absolute 80s!

  2. Mark weech says

    So will it mean Normal Heart concentrating on newer music? I think not.

  3. Stuart says

    The ‘UK’s only 80’s station’ description has been out of date ever since Free Radio 80’s started

  4. MARK LEVY says

    Well done Global, now can you replace Heart Xtra with a nationwide version of Gold?

  5. J Peter Wilson says

    It would appear that as all the stations on Digital 1 are only broadcasting in DAB MP2 format that perhaps this multiplex is not yet capable of transmitting in DAB+ AAC. Or is it that the broadcasters are concerned that early adopters of DAB do not yet have DAB/DAB+ receivers and therefore would not be able to hear DAB+ broadcasts. Perhaps there is a case in future to incorporate into the renewal of all DAB Multiplex Service Licences the provision that the software used by the multiplex operator must be updated from the current DAB MP2 version to that capable of also offering DAB+ AAC as is already the case on SDL National and some of the new Small-scale DAB Multiplexes.

  6. Trevor Welham says

    Just listened to heart 80s for the first time today I’m in my mid 70s but the music is great, Will not go back to gold

  7. Len Groat says

    Oh goody – Whitney Houston – it’s so hard to find a station playing her (over-played) songs……

    …..and jingles that sound like all the other ‘modern’ jingles…


  8. Steve Thomas says

    I’m soooo pleased with Global Radio!
    Heart Xtra – TURN UP THE FEELGOOD!
    Heart 80s – NON STOP 80S FEELGOOD!

    All amazing well Heart reaching 9.3 million listeners!!

    We need also the Following …
    Heart 90s
    Heart 70s
    Heart 60s

    1. Andrew Barclay says

      I agree with Steve Thomas we need the following…..

      Heart 70s

      There’s been nothing like it since the demise of Smooth 70s…..

  9. Scotty says

    Don’t forget ‘Heart does old skool rave for the East Midlands massive’.. ?

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