Radio Exe to fight Celador for Torbay licence

Exeter-based Radio Exe is to apply for the Torbay licence, currently held by Celador and broadcasting as The Breeze.

Ofcom has invited applications of intent before fast-tracking automatically it back to Celador. Exe Broadcasting says it will challenge the licence and begin a period of consultation and research into what listeners want from their local station in the meantime.

Before rebranding as The Breeze and taking networked off-peak programmes from Southampton, the station was known as Palm 105.5.

Director Paul Nero told RadioToday: “Radio Exe is the only station, commercial or BBC, that’s made in Devon, all day, every day. If Exe Broadcasting’s application is successful, we promise that Torbay will receive a similar level of local commitment and output from local broadcasters who understand the area as their neighbours in Exeter.”

Exe Broadcasting acquired the station, then known as Exeter FM, from Devon Radio Ltd in 2011 when it was in financial difficulties. It is now locally owned and operated.

Posted on Wednesday, March 29th, 2017 at 10:04 pm by Roy Martin

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  1. Neal says

    So hope Radio Exe win this battle. Palm was a truly local station. I was gutted when I heard Celador were taking it over and even more p****d off when after assurance by email correspondence with Celador that they would leave the station alone to find just months later they had rebranded it the Breeze with the usual network programming from another location nowhere within the station’s broadcast area. Sick of hearing that these type of small truly local stations have to be taken over by the “big boys” to stop them going bankrupt which when I complained back to Celador about their rebranding is what I was told. Ofcom “fast tracking” back to the big guns-what a surprise!! Almost as big a surprise as the audience fallout since Palm disappeared to the Breeze!

    1. Jock Name says

      It would only be Radio Exe relayed to Torquay with local adverts so what’s the difference, just another station from another town pretending to be local for the advertising £

      The media landscape has changed. Time to just get over the “local” obsession. The average listener just wants songs they know and a presenter that knows when to shut up and play the songs they’ve tuned in to hear in the background while they get on with their lives.
      Whether it comes from Torquay or Tottenham is not important in the real non-radio anorak world of 2017.

      1. neal says

        Hi Jock,

        The problem I have is I don’t get why every bloody commercial radio station in this country has to sound the same and I sick of being called a radio anorak simply because I want an FM station to broadcast a playlist as varied as Bob Harris used to on his weekend Radio 2 show and not to repeat the same thousand songs on a loop everyday of the week. I get the daytime playlist thing but after 7pm could be a whole different ball game but nobody has the guts to do it. Actually worse still this “get over the local obsession” means if anybody had the guts there is no station left to implement it on.

  2. Paul Sysum says

    Neal couldn’t agree with you more.

    Lets hope Radio Exe are successful and many more local groups reclaim local ILR licences from the big networks who feel they can put one format and programme across the country.

    Global Radio should be torn apart

  3. Jock Name says

    P*ssing in the wind (well,breeze) springs to mind.
    Waste of an application fee.

  4. Sean Martin says

    Hi Guys

    We here at Talk Productions Ltd, a local based company in Paignton are looking into placing a bid for this licence and bring the station back to a 100% ILR station for Torbay, in other words, all content and programming will be produced in Torbay and taking the air waves back to the far better days of Devon Air ……

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