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Shaun Tilley starts new show on BBC locals

Shaun Tilley is bringing his 70s and 80s Heaven show to BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey every Saturday morning.

The new show will feature 30 minutes of music from the 70s followed by 30 minutes from the 80s.

Former Capital Gold, Magic and Radio Luxembourg presenter Shaun told RadioToday: “I am thrilled to be able to play the biggest hits and rarely heard gems from these two incredible decades on BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey each Saturday. Once again, big thanks to Mark Carter and the management team for believing in this show just as they have done already with my Top of the Pops Playback series.

“We will kick off every week with 30 minutes of 70s memories. Then a quick swap of my flares for leg warmers is in order so I can play some crackers from the 80s during our second half”.

The programme’s imaging will be re-sung classic JAM Radio 1 jingles from the 70s and 80s produced by S2Blue. It starts on Saturday 25th March and will air from 5am till 6am.

Have a listen to the jingles below:

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  1. Bloubergman says

    Why not network Justin Dealey? He’s been doing the same for ages!

  2. Jamie Lawson says

    Not the best re-sing of classic jingles

  3. Jamie Johnson says

    Very bad UK resings of the original JAM tracks – so bad even Jon Wolfert has been forced to comment about them elsewhere.

  4. Shaun Tilley says

    Thanks for the comments. Simon and his very talented team at S2Blue have done a brilliant job on the jingles. And I think it’s also worth mentioning that this will be a 100% BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey show. I’m really looking forward to hearing the listeners’ memories of both counties through the 70s and 80s from Saturday 25th March onwards.

    1. geoff dorsett says

      Good luck Shaun , truly hope it works out. If there was a deluge about new time of SOTS at 6am .Will be interesting to read those for a 5am start

  5. Shaun Tilley says

    That’s why we have the wonderful BBC iPlayer to access any show at any time Geoff. Many Thanks for the good wishes, I appreciate it.

  6. David A says

    Notice a wee 1980s Radio Clyde jingle in there Shaun (second one).

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