Tony Blackburn to leave Greatest Hits network

Tony Blackburn is leaving Bauer’s City 2 Network this weekend, with his last show planned for Sunday 26th March 2017.

He announced his departure from the Greatest Hits network on his programme yesterday.

Tony started a weekend show on the network for five years, when it was known as the Magic network. He’s recently returned to BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio Berkshire after a fall-out over historical events at the corporation. He also hosts a weekly show on kmfm.

He told RadioToday: “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Bauer Network and I will miss the listeners that I have had the pleasure in entertaining for the past seven years or so. I want to thank Bauer for their support over the years and, most importantly, P&O Ferries who have been part of the show since the very first day.”

Owen Ryan, Bauer City Group Content Director added: “Tony is one of UK radio’s true greats who has delighted audiences across the Bauer City 2 network for over seven years. He continues to break broadcasting records year after year and we wish him all the best back at Radio 2”.

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  1. Charlie Reynolds says

    Sad day for the Bauer City 2 Network, but to quote the singer Joe Fagin, that’s livin’ alright.

    1. Lee Morris says

      It is very sad Tony is leaving the Beuer City 2 Network, lets hope they bring in someone like Paul Burnett, Mike Read, Clive Warren or Gary Davies instead of a voice tracked show.

      Maybe Janice Long or Bob Harris have been approached?.

  2. Steve Cox says

    Will tony still be heard on Thames radio

    1. stephen barnes says

      theres rumours tonys been offered thames breakfast sounds like bauer wanted tony to stick to a playlist tony dosent do radio like that which is why he said hed never return to smooth

  3. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    Bauer Media Might Get This Well Known Presenter
    Simon Bates On To Greatest Hits Network On Sundays From 4Pm Till 7Pm On Sundays That Would Be Good Or Get Mike Read Or Get Gary Davies Or Get Bob Harris Or Get Johnnie Walker Or Get Janice Long Or Get Richard Allinson On Sundays From 4Pm Till 7Pm On Greatest Hits Network That Would Be Good But I Say This Bauer Media Did Stand By Tony Blackburn When The BBC Did Let Him Down So I Hope Tony Blackburn Just Think Of This Who Did Stand By Him It Was Bauer Media So If Tony Blackburn Read This Him Self Just Please Think Of This Tony Please It Is True

  4. John B-S says

    It’s a shame Tony is leaving the Greatest Hits Network but he can still be heard on Sunday afternoons at 4pm on KMFM in Kent (today’s music), on Thames Radio (soul and disco) and also on the BBC – another soul show on Radio London, a music and speech programme on Radio Berkshire, and at Radio 2 it is great to hear him doing a live breakfast show (Sounds of the 60s). He is still working hard at 74 and I am sure he enjoys doing these different types of radio.

  5. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    If I Was Tony Blackburn Now Just Please Think Of This Now Tony What Radio Group Did Stand By You When The BBC Did Not Want You Tony That Was Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network That Is True And If I Was Tony Blackburn I Would Not Leave Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network But Do Stay With Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network Because You Can Not Trust The BBC Just Look What BBC Done To BBC Radio 2 After Midnight Now Alex Lester Is Not On BBC Radio 2 Now And Janice Long Is No Longer On BBC Radio2 After Midnight Now And If Tony Blackburn Think That BBC Radio 2 Is Good And Again Watch Out I Say To Tony Now And Just Look What BBC Radio Devon Done To Simon Bates He Is Not On BBC Radio Devon So I say To Tony Blackburn Do A U Turn And Stay On Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network Now Tony Please Do Not Leave Bauer Media Help You Tony When You Tony Needed Help Tony Not So Long A Go Tony So Just Think Please Tony Blackburn Now That What I Do Say To Tony Blackburn Now And I Do Hope He Read This And Under Stand

  6. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    I Hope Tony Blackburn Do Read This What Radio Station Group Stood By Tony Blackburn When The BBC And BBC Radio 2 Did Not Want Him It Was Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network So I Do Hope Tony Blackburn Do A U Turn And Stay With Bauer Media Greatest Hits Network Because You Can Not Trust The BBC That Is True And If BBC Do It Again To Tony Blackburn He Be On The Loosing End So If I Was Tony Blackburn Just Think About It Please

  7. Reg says

    I’m sure he’ll take your well written thoughts on board Dave

    1. David says

      Well done to Tony Blackburn enjoyed your show
      like many listened to the last one today,
      would say your irreplaceable at least you played your own collection of
      records. Without you just in my opinion another boring radio station what do they know you met the stars
      if only they made them like you today A sad day for radio from one of the caroline team who started it all
      NEVER MIND GUESS YOU HAVE MORE FANS THAN ENOUGH AND VERY BEST WISHES thank you for real entertainment not the usual version

  8. dave says

    He will take them on board as he has hoards of fans
    What will we listen to now a station that tells someone which records to play and the usual advertisements.
    I was too late to get a text message mobile was not charged up was, going to request Summer Holiday reminds me of a great hol in Cornwall you played it great
    . Thanks enjoyed every show

  9. john says

    Loved your last record Tony great wifes favourite
    P an O cruises do not seem nearly as exciting now because you sold them to us . would have loved to have been on the one you were on ,last congratulations
    there are not many shows us ol.d codgers like but yours
    was out of this world

  10. Jane Miller says

    BBC never watch it sad day for Bauer and radio their loss
    it aint what you do its the way that you do it
    and you have that way with you knew what you were
    talking about guess yor fans will take to Twitter am not on but wishing you and family all the very best for the
    superb radio

  11. Sam says

    Tony on the Greatest Hits was a match made in heaven for the betterment of all radio I’m sure the numbers increased off the scale more & more every week as you can tell he put his heart & soul into it as he does in all shows such is the mark of the man such a big mistake of the new regime to cause this obvious friction he is the best and most successful doing what he knows best great radio I just love the guys sincerity in his voice that is human not fake never frightened to make a mistake and recover from it even laugh about it to all our entertainment that’s what it is why did radio become so serious lighten up Bauer he was the best you had huge loss I’m sure listeners will now turn off in support of Tony
    I know I will Today

  12. don june says

    absolutely awful Radio Aire 2 on Sunday in my opinion NOW records
    like everything else you hear DJing not warm voice and Tony Blackburns records listened 15 mins and turned it off

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