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Union JACK boasts 3m song votes in 6 months

Since launching just six months ago, DAB+ station Union JACK says it has received three million song votes.

That’s half a million a month. Or 50,000 a week. Or 16,000 a day. Or 666 per hour. Roughly.

Listeners can request songs up or down in real-time via the station’s website and app, where the process it totally automated.

Their app also contains the “Backchat” feature, where listeners can leave a quirky message or a gag for airplay.

Union JACK Creative Controller, Giles Gear, said: “Union JACK has exploded in its first six months. We’ve seen millions of votes for songs and incredible interaction on the app, with listeners recognising and loving the quirky, silly side of the station. The award-winning team in Oxford have a history of ripping up the radio rulebook, and if these first six months are anything to go by, Union JACK is going to continue this tradition to great effect”.

Union JACK Programme Director, Tim Parker, said: “There’s nothing quite like the British humour, and Union JACK captures that perfectly. Listeners understand its witty and playful nature, with quirky messages and overwhelming voting numbers proving this. We’re working on some very exciting plans for Union JACK – all will be revealed when we can”.

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  1. Gareth Hart says

    Despite losing a quarter of its audience after the transition from DAB to DAB+ (caveat emptor – not all of that will be down to the transition) according to RAJAR figures, its sister Jack station in Surrey is hiring new people whilst Union Jack shows a lot of listener engagement. Despite cries of how DAB+ would cannibalise stations by turning away droves of listeners with DAB only sets, the reality beyond the RAJAR figures as demonstrated in this article suggests otherwise.

    DAB+ is not the handicap that a number of people in the radio industry perceive it to be. Hopefully more stations will embrace DAB+ in the near future and not just on the small scale DAB multiplexes (and preferably at above 32kbps though I won’t personally hold out for that).

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