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1578 eggs donated by Time 107.5 listeners

Time 107.5’s charity appeal for Easter Eggs, in conjunction with a local Lettings Agency, has attracted over 1500 eggs.

The Be A Good Egg appeal means underprivileged children across the station’s broadcast area will now get an Easter Egg.

Station Manager Lorna Waters said: “Every year we beat the previous year’s total but the sad news is every year we seem to get more children that need the Eggs.

“It’s heart-breaking to hear some of the stories of the children we give the eggs to and hard to believe there are so many underprivileged in our area. Our listeners’ have been so supportive of this campaign and I can honestly say there are lots of ‘Good Eggs’ in our area”.

The eggs go to local charities, social services, women’s aid and children in hospitals.

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