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North Manchester FM in breach over lyrics

Community radio station North Manchester FM has been found in breach of its licence after playing two songs with offensive language in.

A complainant alerted Ofcom to offensive language in “Samantha” by Dave and J Hus with the lyrics: “I don’t give a fu*k what you done”; and “Black” by Donae’O featuring JME and Dizzee Rascal, which featured the lyrics: “Always the fucking case”.

North Manchester FM explained that the presenter believed he was playing the clean radio edits of the tracks and did not apologise on air because he was not aware of the error until Ofcom notified the Licensee of the complaint.

Ofcom said it noted the station’s submission that this offensive language was broadcast in error, and that the Licensee had taken steps to prevent recurrence. However, in this case the broadcast of the words “fu*k” and “fu*king” were clear examples of the most offensive language broadcast when children were particularly likely to be listening, i.e. at approximately 18:05 on a Tuesday evening during the half-term school holiday in Manchester, the regulator said.

Ofcom, therefore, concluded that the broadcast was in breach of Rule 1.14.

Community radio stations NE1FM and BRFM are also in breach – for not providing services in accordance with ‘Key Commitments’.

Meanwhile DAB station Fun Kids has also been found in breach for playing a remix of “Greased Lightning” from the original soundtrack of the film “Grease” which contained an offensive line whilst Premier Christian Radio had a complaint upheld against it about a sermon which used language that was pejorative and offensive to other faith groups, referring to the followers of other faiths as “demon worshippers”, and their God(s) as “demons”.

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  1. SDS says

    Are we honestly expected to believe that the presenter played TWO offensive tracks and didnt hear the swear words? Even if it was a genuine error an apology was still needed there and then

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