Ofcom to licence larger community radio stations

Ofcom will accept applications for community radio stations from those who have already expressed an interest in running a service.

The regulator is also updating its technical policy meaning it will consider proposals for community radio stations to cover larger areas than previously suggested, and will consider requests from existing stations to improve coverage. The current guideline is set at 5km.

“We will adopt a more flexible approach, and applications will be considered for wider areas where applicants can clearly demonstrate the proposed coverage area will better serve its target community, where it is technically possible,” Ofcom says.

New stations must not be within the coverage area of an existing station and will be for FM only. Ofcom says no areas are excluded on the basis of frequency availability, but this does not indicate that a suitable frequency will be available in every area. Ofcom will examine frequency availability once applications have been received.

The closing-date for receipt of applications is 3pm on Thursday 27 July 2017. The invitation document can be found here.

Posted on Friday, April 28th, 2017 at 11:20 am by RadioToday

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  1. Kev Atkinson says

    It would be nice if they’d allow existing licencees to extend their coverage area or get more power.

    1. RadioToday says

      They are..

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