James Robinson to produce Chris Moyles Show

Global has appointed James Robinson as Producer of the Chris Moyles Show on Radio X, replacing Dave Masterman.

James is currently daytime and London drivetime Producer for Heart, having joined Global almost two years ago from Bauer where he was Executive Producer of the Late Show with Kate Lawler across City Network 1.

The position became available when Dave Masterman left to join Absolute Radio, to work on the Christian O’Connell Show, and across the daytime output.

Tweeting about his new job, James Robinson said: “I’m moving job/floor/station/time slot ⏰ . Next month I’m off to produce at @RadioX on the @ChrisMoyles show. I am bloody excited!

Posted on Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 at 3:40 pm by Roy Martin

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  1. MARK LEVY says

    I would hope this means more music at breakfast but I doubt it. It will probably still be half an hour before Chris plays a record.

  2. Stephen barnes says

    Probably not more music radio x breakfast. But maybe more speech content. At absolute mastermans working on all the daytime output

  3. Dan says

    If they wanted more music at breakfast, they wouldn’t have hired Moyles and they certainly would have reigned him in more.

  4. Rob says

    Has anybody noticed that Dom Byrne is a dead ringer for Damon Wayans? Separated at birth?

    Anyway good luck James I expect you’ll grow on us ?

  5. MARK LEVY says

    The one reason I hate the breakfast show on Radio X now. I miss the old XFM, It wasn’t broken. If I want talk, i’ll listen to sister station LBC which I do anyway.

    1. Matt says

      That’s like saying you don’t watch dog the bounty hunter , because if you wanted to listen to people talk then you’d watch the news

  6. LHx1985 says

    Other radio stations are available.
    Personally, I think it’s refreshing to have some speech radio that isn’t about politics!

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