New York Radio Awards 2017: The nominations

The UK has received 62 nominations in the International New York Radio Awards 2017.

They are dominated by independent production houses who have made content for a number of radio stations, and there are nominations for Bauer for station sound, Q Radio for The Zoo and Jazz FM for the Al Jarreau Masterclass. BFBS has received five nominations for its content.

See all the shortlisted companies below.

The winners will be announced in New York at an awards gala on Monday evening, June 19, 2017.

Best Comedy/Humor Personality: Local Market Q Zoo Q Radio
Health/Medical Farewell Doctor Finlay Square Dog Radio LLP for BBC Radio 4
Heroes The Railway People Demus Productions
Religious Programs Heart And Soul: A Night In The Opera Demus Productions
Best Audio Book – Fiction Baker’s End: Gobbleknoll Hall Bafflegab Productions
Best Audio Book – Nonfiction So, Anyway… Penguin Random House UK
Best Comedy Special Who Dares Grins – The Best of Damn The Torpedoes ssvc
Best Director Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures B7 Productions Limited
Best Director I, Robot B7 Productions Limited
Best Drama Special I, Robot B7 Productions Limited
Best Drama Special The Knights of The Apocalypse Spiteful Puppet Entertainment
Best Human Interest Story 15 Minutes From Mosul BBC
Best Interview Cassidy Little – Coming Home SSVC
Best Live Sound World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Best Music Special Bill Nighy’s Record Collection: Restored TBI Media
Best Music Special Mary Anne Hobbs Wisebuddah Ltd
Best Narration – Ensemble Sleeping Giants Penguin Random House UK
Best Narration – Solo Cyfrinach Nana Crwca Royal National Institute of the Blind
Best News Documentary Or Special Eczema – More Than Skin Deep Steve Bailey / Plan A Productions Ltd
Best Oldies/Nostalgia Format Johnnie Walker’s Sounds of the 70s Wisebuddah Ltd
Best Online Drama Program Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures B7 Productions Limited
Best Radio Personality: Local Market Graham Mack
Best Regularly Scheduled Comedy Program Thanks A Lot, Milton Jones! Pozzitive Television Ltd
Best Regularly Scheduled Music Program Al Jarreau Masterclass Jazz FM
Best Sound Between the Ears: The Shepherd Goldhawk Essential
Best Special Event World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Best Special Event Virgin Radio Launch TBI Media
Best Sports Special World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Best Student Documentary The Long Road to Recovery Birmingham School of Media
Best Student Radio Station Spark FM Sunderland University of Sunderland
Best Talk/Interview Special 100 Women – The Interviews BBC World Service
Best Talk/Interview Special Sitrep Iraq Enquiry Special SSVC
Best Writing The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away TBI Media
Best Writing World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Biography/Profiles Blue Canvas : The Artist Miles Davis Freewheel Productions
Biography/Profiles Thelma & Michael : Love In The Cutting Room Trevor Dann’s Company
Biography/Profiles David Bowie: Verbatim Des Shaw
Business Or Consumer Issues The Kids Who Decide What All The Other Kids Talk About PRA Productions
Culture & The Arts Roald Dahl: A Gremlin in the Works Wise Buddah
Drama The Secret of Springheel’d Jack: The Tunnels Of Death / The Lords Of The World Wireless Theatre Ltd
Environment & Ecology Dark Coffee Birmingham School of Media
Health/Medical Eczema – More Than Skin Deep Plan A Productions Ltd
Health/Medical The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away TBI Media
Health/Medical Denis Skinner V Dementia TBI Media
Heroes The Raqqa Diaries: Life Inside ‘Islamic State’ BBC
Heroes Cassidy Little – Coming Home SSVC
Heroes Women with the Right Stuff Boffin Media
Heroes World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Heroes Thank You for Being My Friend – A Tribute to Sir Terry Wogan Wisebuddah Ltd
History The Vulcan Documentary SSVC
History World Cup ’66 TBI Media
History The Muhammadan Bean TBI Media
History Armistice Day Tribute 2016 UKRD
Magazine Format Lydiard: Past, Present & Future Dave Woods (Forest Media) Production
Music When Kenny Met The Fab Four Wise Buddah
National Or International Affairs Syria’s Secret Library BBC
Profiles/Community Portraits A Journey Through English Soundscape Productions
Religious Programs The Web Sheikh and the Muslim Mums PRA Productions
Religious Programs Something Understood TBI Media
Social Issues Acting Disabled Alfi Media
Social Issues The Boy Who Gave His Heart Away TBI Media
Sports & Recreation World Cup ’66 TBI Media
Station ID Station Sound 2017 Bauer City Group Production Team
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Posted on Thursday, May 18th, 2017 at 2:31 pm by RadioToday UK

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