Share Radio switches to online only service

Listeners to Share Radio on DAB will need to go online instead from 7pm today as the station turns off its national channel.

The station says it’s a substantial change in its broadcasting strategy and that some of the regular programmes will continue.

“There’ll be national, international and business news on the hour, and a number of Share Radio presenters will continue producing output, including Simon Rose, Linda Lewis and Sue Dougan,” the station told RadioToday.

Overnight, Share Radio will simulcast with Share Music, the online station which plays instrumental folk music.

Gavin Oldham, founder of Share Radio, said: “The move to internet-only broadcasting will enable us to build a clear understanding of listener interest, something which has not been possible in quantitative terms from linear transmission such as DAB. This, combined with a very significant reduction in costs, will enable us to build a more listener-centric commercial model going forwards.

“We will continue to welcome those who have worked with Share Radio over the past 2½ years to use our studios for production of their funded programmes, which will continue to be streamed on Share Radio.”

Share Radio and Share Music are operated by Share Premium Ltd., a company also controlled by Gavin Oldham.

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  1. Phil Dobbie says

    Speaking as an armchair expert, I’d say the station had four problems:

    1. It wasn’t clear on the audience. Was it for investors & the finance community, or was it for mums and dads. It tried to play both.
    2. It lacked punch. They wanted their BBC sound, but it needed to have the edge that Bloomberg has.
    3. The info wasn’t timely. For example, breakfast repeated segments so there was a tendency to talk about general directions rather than latest information.
    4. It was operated by the Share Centre, whose competitors wouldn’t be interested in advertising. That’s a big chunk of revenue foregone.

    If it was me, I would have:
    a) focused on the investment community – a UK Bloomberg
    b) had a strong breakfast and drive, analysing trends to satisfy the investment community and explaining stuff to the layperson who wants to get up to speed
    c) rolling finance news during the day – LBC News does it for general news, the same approach could be adopted assuming the main audience won’t listen for more than 15 minutes outside peak
    d) more general personal finance evenings and weekend

    All that could be done with half the staff and, without the Share Centre ownership and a more lively sound, I am sure it could have pulled in advertisers. After all, which segment has more money!

  2. r shaw says

    What a pity that one of the best stations to listen to on DAB is no longer . Loved listening to Share in the car and whilst working .
    Come back soon

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