Showbiz start for new Capital London Breakfast

The brand new Capital London Breakfast Show with Roman Kemp and Vick Hope launched this morning with Katy Perry and Ed Sheeran among the guests.

Katy Perry personally congratulated Roman Kemp on his first day, surprising him with a FaceTime call on the studio wall from New York to wish him luck before offering to put on an intimate performance in celebration of the brand new show in tiny London pub The Water Rats, where Katy made her UK debut 10 years ago. She’ll return to the 200 capacity pub where she first performed in London to play an extra special gig for Capital listeners.


Revealing her plans to play for Capital and talking about the importance of staying true to your roots, Katy Perry told Roman Kemp: “I’m going to go to The Water Rats, and I’m going to play a show and you’re coming and I think some people that are listening are going to be coming if they want to come. And we’re going to drink some beers and we’re going to sing some songs! We’re going to remember where we came from because you have a new radio show, I have a new record, we’ve come so far, we’re still a bunch of dweebs but it doesn’t matter! Always remember where you came from, right?”

Ed Sheeran featured as the first guest after inviting Roman Kemp to join him backstage at his gig at the O2 the night before. Ed, whose last visit to the Capital studios saw him tattoo “Ed Woz Ere 2K7” on Roman’s leg, took the opportunity to call the new Capital Breakfast host’s mum Shirlie Kemp to apologise for permanently branding her son. “I’m ringing up to apologise about the tattoo.” Ed told Shirlie, before winding her up that he was going to tattoo Roman again, “We’re going to do another one. He’s going to get ‘mum’ on his arm.”


Elsewhere on the show, more messages of congratulations and advice for Roman Kemp and Vick Hope on their first day arrived. Harry Styles reminded the pair to “enunciate” while Shawn Mendes called in to say “you guys don’t need advice, you both rock”. Dua Lipa, The Vamps, Sean Paul and DJ Khaled also sent their best wishes on day one.


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Posted on Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017 at 12:36 pm by RadioToday UK

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