All presenters disappear from Thames Radio

Thames Radio is converting itself to a non-stop music station, as management tells all presenters not to record any more shows.

The London DAB service launched 12 months ago with an impressive line-up of former Capital FM and Radio 1 presenters, including Neil Fox, Pat Sharp and Tony Blackburn. The schedule currently includes Chris Brooks, Neil Long, Sean Gerard, Neil Francis, Martin Buchanan, Alex Lester and Dean Martin.

Neil Fox hosted his last breakfast show today and Tony Blackburn was on weekends till this evening. Pat Sharp left a few months ago.

The service is unique in that it doesn’t have actual studios in London, instead allowing its presenters to record/VT programmes in their own facilities and upload them to the station’s servers in Wales. According to the latest RAJAR, Thames Radio has 4,000 weekly listeners.

Martin Mumford, Group CEO told RadioToday it’s just a refresh: “From Monday we are refreshing the programme line-up and launching Thames Radio’s Summer of non-stop hits.”

Tony Blackburn posted on Twitter and Facebook to say: “I’m afraid this is the last Soul Party as Thames Radio will have no presenters anymore just non-stop music from now on day & night.”

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  1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    Not Good Nation Broadcasting Group Now They Took Off These Presenters Neil Fox And Dean Martin Off Dragon Radio Wales And Now Nation Broadcasting Group Is Now Stopping Presenters From Doing Shows On Thames Radio I Do Hope That Neil Fox And Dean Martin And Tony Blackburn And Alex Lester Will Move Over To Global Gold And Be Presenters On Global Gold Now That Will Send A Real Message To Nation Broadcasting Group Now Nation Broadcasting Is One Big Total Let Down And Do Not Under Stand And Just Tell Nation Broadcasting Group This Global Radio Do This Non Stop 60s 70s And 80s On Their Gold Station Nation Broadcasting Group Is A Tea Pot Station Group Now That Is True Now

  2. Radio DJ says

    4000 listeners a WEEK….
    What is going on here?

    If having proper broadcasters on air has only brought in this amount of listeners, then there is clearly something wrong with the operation….
    Might as well shut down now and save yourselves the time and money….
    Sad ending to a potentially great idea!

  3. Dan Dean says

    4000 listeners !!!!…..what does that tell you. Another meaningless radio station that is just a shift payment for a select number of presenters who flit around picking up a pay cheque here and there without a care about where or when. As for the shower responsible in Wales, they are a total disaster.

  4. Joe Smith says

    For “Thames Radio is converting itself to a non-stop music station, as management tells all presenters not to record any more shows”

    read “Thames Radio is converting itself to a non-stop music station, as management tells all listeners not to bother listening any more”.

    As if they needed telling.

  5. DAVID BAKER says

    No surprise at all.

  6. John B-S says

    Thames Radio simply an irrelevance. A radio station with no DJs is a complete waste of a DAB platform. If I want to hear non-stop music I can listen to my own record collection and I will hear a far better selection than I will get on yet another useless radio station

  7. Mark jolley says

    Cannot believe thames has done this no more foxy Tony alex through the night very annoyed

  8. Stephen barnes says

    They’ve explained their plans try to go national by launching on city muxes around the UK because launching on d1 or 2 is to expensive cheesy fm tried this can’t see foxy rejoining his reason for joining Thames was he didn’t like the fact magic had become a national brand while he was away they’ll have a problem in Manchester the main mux is full and the small scale mux only reaches 3 miles from the city centre

  9. joe says

    Is this post available in English?

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