BBC Radio Cymru 2 set to launch on digital radio

BBC Radio Cymru 2 is getting ready to launch on DAB Digital Radio in Wales following a trial under the name of Radio Cymru Mwy last year.

It will start broadcasting on January 29th 2018.

In addition, BBC Radio Wales is getting more FM transmitters, increasing its nationwide FM coverage in Wales from 79% to 91%. It will extend the station’s availability on the FM band to an estimated 330,000 people.

The boost to BBC Radio Wales’s coverage on FM will particularly benefit listeners in North East Wales and Mid Wales. Using a small number of existing network FM frequencies, currently allocated to BBC Radio 3, the development will bring Radio Wales’s FM coverage in line with other national and network radio stations. Radio 3 will continue to be available to 92% of households in Wales on FM, and the station’s availability on DAB, television and online will be unaffected by the changes.

BBC Radio Wales Editor, Colin Paterson says: “These are unprecedented times of change for Wales, and I’m delighted that this major expansion for Radio Wales on FM will ensure listeners in every part of Wales can enjoy access to our wide-ranging news, sport and entertainment programming, as well as our superb team of presenters.”

BBC Radio Cymru 2 will provide choice for Welsh speaking listeners as they start their day – and will be available on weekday mornings between 7am and 10am on DAB, BBC iPlayer and digital TV (subject to agreeing contractual arrangements with the relevant DAB operators in the coming months).

While BBC Radio Cymru will continue to offer a full news service in the morning, Radio Cymru 2 will offer a mix of music and entertainment.

Betsan Powys, Editor BBC Radio Cymru says: “This is a truly historic announcement – one of the most important since Radio Cymru was established in 1977. Our listeners are some of the most loyal in Wales and the fact that we can now offer a choice of listening is incredibly exciting.”

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  1. Dan Dean says

    As someone who lives in Wales i would like to ask, what is the purpose of these two meaningless services that nobody i know listen too. You never hear them on in any place you visit nor anyone talk about them, in fact those that do think it is the same service!. Radio Wales is a poor person’s R2 even employing Janice Long on evenings who has no connection at all with Wales but was ditched by R2 so ended up on RW .
    Radio Wales get 20 million and Radio Cymru 18 million pounds of tax payers money to produce material that even their own staff don’t listen too.

  2. Andy says

    330,000 potential listeners? Why do they get a THIRD service? Here in The Black Country Population 1.1 million (Wolverhampton, Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, West Bromwich) don’t even get our own BBC local service. We have to put up with BBC WM that comes from Birmingham! 95% of everything they do talks about Birmingham. It’s like people of Wales receiving a service from Bristol. Bristol isn’t wales, Birmingham isn’t The Black Country!

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