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Chris Evans sorry for inappropriate fire comment

BBC Radio 2 breakfast show presenter Chris Evans has apologised after saying his team was ‘on fire’ just before a news bulletin began with an update on the Grenfell tragedy in west London.

Ahead of the 9am news this morning (Thursday), Chris read out a message from ‘one of the bosses’, praising his production team. He used the term “on fire” twice, before launching in to the news jingle. Moira Stuart began the bulletin with news that the number of people killed in this week’s fire at the Grenfell tower in North Kensington was expected to rise beyond 12.

After the news, Chris returned to say sorry. “Can I just apologise for my inappropriate choice of words before the news there. I’m really sorry about that. I should have said ‘on form’,” he said.

Listen to the audio here on RadioFail:

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  1. David says

    Unfunny and untalented. Chris Talent is annoying, old-fashioned and gets too much privilege.

    Let TALENTED newcomers take over his sh*t show.

  2. Graham Kirk says

    What planet does this guy function on? Sounds like he is losing the plot again.

    1. Neil says

      I think you are losing the plot mate,it is a well known phrase and Chris used it with no intention to cause any distress. He really had no need to say anything after the news but did so due to unbalanced individuals. It was not intentional and normal people would realise this.

      1. ACJ68 says

        Chris’ apology was meaningful and the correct course of action. I’m certain he would have never intended to offend.

      2. joe says

        I agree that this was probably the case but “normal people” can’t read minds and speak with absolute certainty like you.

  3. Portia Frickener says

    This is the broadcasting “genius” ( as the cadre of London based radio bosses see him) at work. For his hefty fee, I’m sure he can listen to his own news bulletin and realise that the phrase “on fire” is going to be wholly inappropriate in such proximity to that news.

  4. Simon Rushton says

    A complete non story. I am SURE Chris Evans had no intention of being so insensitive. I’m not his biggest fan but this is just being blow out of all proportion.

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