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Ireland’s Radio 1 to go off 252 temporarily

RTÉ Radio 1 will not be broadcasting on its 252 Long Wave frequency for almost two weeks starting today.

The station will be unavailable from midday 27th June to 12:30pm on 7th July due to essential engineering work.

The national station is listened to by large Irish communities in the UK, and a controversial decision to turn off the signal full time caused uproar amongst regular listeners, resulting in a campaign on change.org to keep the service running.

It will now continue till at least 2019 until a digital replacement can be found, and legislation allows it to broadcast on DAB in the UK.

Transmitter operator, 2rn, says: “Our Summerhill transmitter will be subject to a complete outage from 12:00 on 27th June to 12:30 on 7th July 2017. This work will affect the Radio 1 LW 252kHz service from this transmitter.

“2rn apologise for any inconvenience caused by this necessary work.”

Radio 1 will continue to broadcast as normal across Ireland on FM and DAB.

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  1. Willie Bone says

    I fail to understand why auld codgers (like myself) cannot convert over to the digital radio system which is easier to listen too than crackly auld long wave! It would be better closing long wave 252 kHz for good & transfer the cost savings to increase RTE’s radio programme output on their digital only services!

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