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Diddy David Hamilton tells all in Radio 1 book

David Hamilton, one of the original presenters with BBC Radio 1, has released a book all about the golden days of the station.

It comes ahead of Radio 1’s 50th anniversary and tells the stories of the DJs of the day who were all household names – most were even bigger names than the artists they were playing.

Along with Tony Blackburn, David was the first person to have a three-hour show on Radio 1, and when it was simultaneously broadcast on Radio 2 it had the biggest listening figures of the week.

Here are the words from the back cover of the book, which is published by Ashwater Press.

Imagine there are no commercial radio stations, no local BBC stations, no music channels on TV. Only Radio One blasting out pop music across the UK. That’s how it was when the station launched in 1967. At that time what was in the pop charts appealed to all members of the family, from grandparents to grandchildren, the same people who gathered round the television every week to watch Top Of The Pops, hosted by Radio One djs.

What little television there was closed down around midnight, and there was no breakfast TV.

Radio One’s audiences ran into many millions, and for the djs, who became as well known as the artistes whose records they played, it was a golden era. ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton was one of those djs and he saw it all. This is his story of those golden days and of those star djs.

The book is available now to order, including from Amazon.

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  1. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    Diddy David Hamilton Is A Dam Good Well Known Radio Presenter Just Like Tony Blackburn Is And I Do Hope Diddy David Hamilton Will Come Back Onto More Radio Stations Here In The Uk And Wales Now That Would Be Good Now Come On Get Diddy David Hamilton On More Radio Stations In Uk And Wales Now Please As A Presenter Now

    1. Joe Smith says

      Seriously, are you on drugs?

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