KISS Fresh goes national on DAB digital radio

The station playing nothing but new beats, KISS Fresh, has joined the national radio line-up on DAB digital radio.

The Bauer station is now available on the Digital One multiplex as it changes its playlist to offer a bigger point of difference to the main KISS FM UK service. KISS Fresh will play more new tracks across the dance, house, hip hop and RnB genres. It will only play new tracks from 7pm each day before specialist programmes start at 11pm.

Andy Roberts, Group Programme Director: “We’re in a new golden Era of Urban music and there’s a big opportunity now to grab more audiences who just want a purer offer than what the main KISS can cater for. It’s not a negative to what the main KISS does but more a case of us super targeting communities of audiences that want specific types of music without other types of songs diluting their listening. Like we’ve seen with KISSTORY”.

The changes all start today, Monday 10th July 2017 and makes all three KISS stations, including KISSTORY, on national platforms. Let us know if you can receive it after a retune.

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  1. Daz says

    So when will KISSTORY hit D1 so people in Anglia can recieve it? Kiss on FM is a big station in Anglia and we’re constantly teased of this ‘national’ station that we can’t even recieve!! S2 isn’t in Anglia at all!

    1. Leftfield Lenny says

      I don’t know why you can’t get kisstory. I get it fine here in and around the Peterborough region. Maybe you need a dab+ radio to receive it?

      1. Radio Geordie says

        It’s nothing to do with whether your radio picks up DAB+ or not. Daz doesn’t say where he lives, but I’m assuming that it maybe in Norfolk or Suffolk where Sound Digital currently doesn’t broadcast as the frequency they use (11A), is also used on platforms in European countries, particularly in areas around the coast.
        It means that they can’t currently broadcast a signal in the area in case it interferes with the foreign signals.
        You can receive the service as the service broadcasts via the Peterborough transmitter. That signal isn’t strong enough to reach Norwich.
        Kisstory can be received in Norwich however, its on Freeview, Sky & Virgin.

  2. Michael says

    They not making use of DAB+? I think that was a wasted opportunity.

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