Ribble FM in breach for playing Dr Dre track


Lancashire community radio station Ribble FM has been found in breach of its licence by Ofcom after playing a song that includes various uses of the F-word.

The track – Nuthin But A ‘G’ Thang by Dr Dre – was aired at around 1pm on Monday 22nd May on the Brunch with Hughie Parr show. The version played contained the words “fuck”, “motherfucking” and “motherfucker”

In response to the regulator’s investigation, Ribble FM said it apologised profusely for what it called a “shocking error”, adding that the track was played accidentally and “as soon as this was noticed we stopped the track”. It further added that Brunch with Hughie Parr “never includes rap type music, indeed the whole station doesn’t include rap”. The station said a member of staff had subsequently admitted to uploading tracks he hadn’t checked, and that he is no longer at the station. Ribble FM told Ofcom it had removed “all rap type tracks” from its playout software and was checking other content and changing its protocols.

Ofcom said the broadcasting of the track, though at lunchtime during school term time, was not something listeners would have expected to hear on the station. It has taken into account that it was broadcast in error, taken off as soon as the error was noticed and that the station has apologised and put steps in place to avoid a repeat. However, the regulator has ruled that because the most offensive language in the track exceeded generally accepted standards, Ribble FM was in breach of Rule 2.3 of the Broadcast Code.

Read the full adjudication in the latest Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin.

Ribble FM broadcasts from Clitheroe in the Ribble Valley, and launched only a year ago on 25th July 2016.

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  1. Jason R says

    This seems to be happening on a regular basis with stations lately.

  2. Ron says

    Probably the last geezer who’d just got fired slipped this track onto the computer as his parting shot. The model for community radio is totally flawed – how can a bunch of volunteers, who often split into warring factions, possibly offer the indifferent listeners anything of value? The big boys have the market sewn up. There is absolutely no public demand for small time amateurish community radio.

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