Sheffield community radio station suspended

A community radio station in Sheffield is off-air after Ofcom suspended its licence.

IMAN FM has posted an update on its Facebook page to confirm the news, saying it will not be broadcasting for the next 21 days.

The post reads:


This is to inform you that IMAN FM has temporarily stopped broadcasting, this has resulted due to the regulator suspending its licence for the next 21 days, on the basis that unwittingly some controversial lectures were broadcast.

Please note that we are trying our level best to remedy this situation and look forward to broadcasting as soon as possible. We thank you for your continued support in the mean time.

IMAN FM Management

Ofcom said the station has committed an extremely serious breach of the Broadcasting Code in broadcasting material likely to incite or encourage the commission of crime or to lead to disorder.

In a statement, the regulator said: “Given the nature and seriousness of the breach, Ofcom has today exercised its powers under section 111B of the Broadcasting Act 1990 to suspend Iman FM’s licence. Iman FM now has 21 days in which to make representations to Ofcom about the matters contained in the Suspension Notice. Depending upon the consideration of any further representations, Ofcom may decide either to lift the suspension or to revoke Iman FM’s licence.”

See the full complaint about this incident here (PDF).

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  1. chris says

    Ofcom have let community radio get out of hand & letting it become a free for all !.

  2. Joe Smith says

    25 hours not a ten second quote.

    Get them off air permanently.

    1. chris says

      Yes ofcom need to get there act together! .
      They let stations get away with everything! .
      Our local station is always being found in breach by ofcom nothing ever happens !.
      Ofcom are a joke

  3. Steve Lanes says

    Make sure this divisive, corrosive poison STAYS off the air and ensure MI5 are breathing down the necks of the so called management.

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