The Hits to replace Bauer’s City 3 Network

Bauer brand extension “City 3 Network” is to cease broadcasting and be replaced with The Hits on local DAB multiplexes.

The 3 Network – which includes 12 stations such as Rock FM 3, Clyde 3, Forth 3, Radio Aire 3 and Metro 3 Radio – will all revert back to The Hits this Friday, 1st September.

Bauer says it will be reinvesting into The Hits, as a national digital radio brand on radio and TV.

Graham Bryce, Group Managing Director, Bauer City Network told RadioToday: “We’re constantly evolving our business – this change allows us to reflect the needs of our audience and remain competitive, delivering outstanding, engaging and relevant content as a single stream across the UK”.

City 3 launched as a local variation of The Hits in 2015 and complements the City 1 and City 2 networks which remain.

More plans for The Hits are expected to be announced soon.

The full list of stations to stop broadcasting on September 1st are:

Clyde 3 (Glasgow and the West of Scotland)
Forth 3 (Edinburgh, the Lothians and Fife)
Hallam 3 (South Yorkshire and the North Midlands)
Key 3 (Greater Manchester)
Metro 3 Radio (Tyne and Wear and Northumberland)
MFR 3 (Scottish Highlands, Moray and Orkney)
Radio Aire 3 (Leeds and West Yorkshire)
Radio City 3 (Merseyside, Cheshire and North Wales)
Rock FM 3 (Lancashire)
Tay 3 (Tayside)
TFM 3 (Tees Valley, County Durham and North Yorkshire)
Viking 3 (East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire) (Wiki)

No more City 3 Network

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Who cares? No one listens anyway.

    1. Kenny Carr says

      Hey, I listen sometimes ?

  2. Martin Kong says

    ‘More plans for The Hits are expected to be announced soon’.

    I only thing I can think of is Bauer will want to expand it’s DAB coverage trying to apply for a slot for their ‘The Hits’ in other towns across the rest of England.

    1. Dave says

      Maybe they could use the vacant spot on DAB on D2

      1. Martin Kong says

        Looks like you’ve may have given them some ideas, Dave. Or as they call it a ‘AHA’ or epiphany

  3. Lee says

    I think the boss is trying to say the City 3 Network has failed as they have a next to nothing audience, and not bringing in the required income. What makes him think The Hits will work? It’s just another semi-national top 40 based radio station. The commercial radio market is saturated with the top 40 based format. Think of something new. You never know it might work.

    1. Martin Kong says

      If possible buy the majority of Breeze stations from Celador Group. Then with Free Radio Cov/Warwickshire/Black Country/Shropshire turn them into The Hits and that may bring in some income.

  4. Radio Geordie says

    No real surprise there as the City 3 stations were THE HITS in all but name, the only difference was local links and ads. I was more surprised when the local slots were rebranded from The Hits in the first place as it [The Hits] didn’t attract a particularly large audience in any case.

    As there are two DAB slots available on the Sound Digital platform (Share & Awesome have ceased – the latter on Bank Holiday Monday) means they could launch it nationally.

    A better idea would be to ditch the brand altogether and spend the money on the more profitable ‘brands’ such as Kiss and Absolute.

    1. Martin Kong says

      Like turn Bauer City 1 stations into Kiss? If that’s the case that’s part 1 sorted.
      Now for Bauer City 2 stations on AM.

      1. Radio Geordie says

        More likely that the City 1 stations would be rebranded as Absolute, which was what they had planned if their Clyde Rocks application had won the Glasgow licence.

        1. Martin Kong says

          I wouldn’t rebrand the Free Radio ones in the West Midlands as Absolute as they’ve already have it in the West Midlands.

  5. johnwillis1981 says

    Bauer should NOT rebrand the City 1 stations, what they need to do is turn back the clock, make them sound like they were around mid-2003 – loads of listener interaction, presenters didn’t do speedlinks, and less networking.

    Retro format, modern playlist – it could work against Capital and Heart.

    Bauer need to drop the speedlinks and make the stations sound hot again. When I was last in the UK I was so put off by Rock FM I had to switch over to Tower FM which sounded far better by comparison, and it sounded better than Heart or Capital.

    I’m in Vancouver, British Columbia, where our radio market doesn’t have a Heart or Capital, and local radio seems to do well.

    You British need to realize local radio can work!!

    Sadly your immigration laws won’t let in talented DJs such as Olivia Jones (not the one on The Hits Radio, but her namesake on 103.5 QCFM in Vancouver!) or Chris Palliser on Virgin Radio (who I believe wanted to go to Hallam to do drive, but gave up on the idea).

    I work in radio in Vancouver, not saying where though… and willis ain’t my surname either.

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