Andy Crane takes over breakfast on Bauer 2

Andy Crane in the Morning is the new breakfast show across Bauer’s City 2 Network of stations.He replaces Sean Goldsmith who’s now on the late show.

The new show started today on Hallam 2, Metro 2 Radio, Key 2, Radio Aire 2, Rock FM 2, TFM 2 and Viking 2. Radio City 2 continues its own breakfast show with Simon Ross.

Andy Crane previously presented drive-time on the network, which is now being hosted by evening presenter and former Metro Radio host Brian Moore.

Correction: Steve Jordan has not left the schedule as previously reported – he’s back on Wednesday evening after taking a well earnt break.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Who cares?

    1. James says

      If you don’t care… don’t post.

      1. Joe Smith says

        If you haven’t got anything to say about the story then take your own advice.

  2. Radio Producer says

    Well, in my area that 3.6% of the listenership – I may come over quite giddy!

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