Kiss Breakfast in breach for offensive song

Kiss has been found in breach for playing a song with a swear word in during the breakfast show with Rickie, Melvin & Charlie.

Ofcom received a complaint about the broadcast at 08:10 of David Guetta’s Dirty Sexy Money. The track included one use of the word “fu**in’”.

Kiss expressed regret for what it described as an error, especially as it said it had been “very careful in [its] processes over recent years to check that on-air versions are clean”. It explained that music tracks are normally double-checked before being added to the live playout system, and it described this incident as an unfortunate “exception to [its] carefully managed output”.

Ofcom said it took into account the steps taken by the Licensee to address the issues in this case, but still took the decision that the broadcast was in breach of Rule 1.14: “The most offensive language must not be broadcast…when children are particularly likely to be listening”.

Kiss also said it has taken steps to prevent such incidents from recurring. It said that the supplier had written to acknowledge the error and confirmed “details of how they have improved their systems to avoid this in the future”.

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