Russ Williams departs Smooth Radio breakfast

Smooth Radio breakfast presenter Russ Williams has left the station after two years. Russ, who started hosting the breakfast show in 2016 replacing Andrew Castle, was last on-air on Friday. His last link gave no indication that he was leaving the station and now all references to him and his show have been removed from social media and websites.

Smooth London’s Twitter bio says Gary King is the breakfast presenter whilst the website says to join him every weekday from 6 on the London and national DAB service. Russ has also removed reference to his show at Smooth on his personal Twitter account.

Russ was previously at Absolute Radio for a 23-year stint, having joined when it was Virgin Radio. He said, when leaving, the opportunity to join Global to work with Richard Park and Sam Jackson at Smooth was “simply too good to miss”.

1700hrs update: Global has confirmed the departure and sent this statement: “After two years on Smooth and LBC, Russ Williams has left Global. We would like to thank him for all his hard work and efforts during that time. We wish him the very best for the future.”

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  1. joe says

    So the opportunity to work at Global was “simply too good to miss”.

    He’s learnt now though.

    1. iknow says

      Your jumping to conclusions ?

      Maybe we should call you jumping joe !

      1. Joe Smith says

        Maybe we should call you IKnowNothing !

  2. Dave Wiggy Wiggins says

    If Russ Williams Gone From Smooth Breakfast
    Then Global Should Get This Good Presenter Simon Bates Back On To Smooth Breakfast In Weekdays From 6Am Till Ten Am Now

  3. MARK LEVY says

    Absolute Radio are you watching?

  4. Chris says

    I thought Nigel Freshman did breakfast at Smooth?

    1. Adrian says

      This is the national Smooth Breakfast show on AM across the UK and FM in London we are talking about rather than the current local opt -outs in Scotland, the East and West Midlands,North East and North West (though how long they will last is anybody’s guess).

    2. Bruno Streams says

      He’s on 105.7 in the West Mids.
      Russ was on 102.2 London and The AM and Digital Feeds.

    3. Steven Day says

      Only on Smooth Radio in the West Midlands. This article is referring to the breakfast show on Smooth Radio in London and on the national Smooth Extra feed, though it doesn’t make that totally clear to be fair.

  5. Charlie Reynolds says

    Very sad. I would like to now see Russ at BBC Radio 5 Live presenting their sports output, especially football, like he used to do at Sky Sports in the 90’s.

  6. Mark moss says

    Russ Williams the voice of radio said he’s left smooth radio

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