Chelmsford to get new digital radio station

Chelmer Radio is planning to bring local radio back to the area with an online stream and DAB service.

The original “Chelmer Radio” launched in 1998 as part of Mid Essex Radio group and was taken over by Tindle radio in 2002 and renamed Dream 107.7 and later amalgamated with Southend Radio to become Chelmsford Radio and then became Radio Essex.

Behind the return is David Baker, a former presenter and programmer with the station. He told RadioToday: “Out of all the projects I’ve ever been involved with this is the one that I’m most excited about. This station will not be set up to be flogged off at a later date to any group who think they can come in and just take a station and rebrand it to a national brand. Local radio for local people is how it’s going to stay.

“I am working closely with businesses, community groups and organisations who share the same beliefs. I’m taking this station back to basics, no networking, no shows from out of area and presenters who can connect with the area.”

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  1. Ron says

    Good luck with the Arquiva bills.

  2. Michelle says

    You forgot to mention that there is already a Community radio station in Chelmsford providing local content.

  3. Paul says

    Chelmsford already has a vibrant and well supported Community Radio Station with a FM licence (CCR 104.4) that is doing all of the above, BBC local Radio, Heart Essex and Radio Essex all based in the City
    Wonder if there is room for another ?

  4. Luke says

    I’m a little confused as to why Chelmsford needs another radio station, to be honest. Heart Essex, Radio Essex and BBC Essex are local stations, but I know technically not local to Chelmsford as they cover the entire county, but there is a relatively new community station, CCR, that focuses on Chelmsford that already covers local events, broadcasts from big events such as Essex Pride and Chelmsford Marathon, to name just a few. Is this Chelmer Radio going to attend all these big events in the style the other stations already do? If not, it’s just going to be another online playlist.

  5. Roger says

    Where is this station going to get any decent presenters from? Surely all the good presenters in Essex are already on BBC local, commercial, CCR and the well established hospital station. I don’t see how any of those presenters are going to willingly leave their established stations to join an unknown, start-up like this. Seems doomed to failure to me.

  6. Dan says

    I read this article with fascination, and question the journalism ethics at Radio Today.

    This story is clearly about a bedroom internet radio station, and the associated Crowd Funder page ( where the owner is asking people to donate 50k for him to start this station.

    Would I give money to someone to start a commercial company?

    Seriously Radio Today, this is poor poor journalism.

    1. UK - Reporter says

      Our story is about the start of a new radio station – 100% bang on target journalism for this website.

      Sorry you feel the need to try and work out if there is an ulterior motive in our article (which doesn’t mention the crowdfunder, by the way).

      We write about new radio stations starting up all the time. It’s what we do.

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