Dave Berry to replace Christian O’Connell

Dave Berry is taking over the breakfast show on Absolute Radio following the departure of Christian O’Connell.

Dave joined the station’s Drive show in October last year from Capital, where he was also on Breakfast.

The new Breakfast Show will feature Dave and his current Drivetime co-host Matt Dyson, as well as existing news and sports presenters, Emma Jones and Glenn Moore. It will continue to broadcast on the Absolute Radio network of stations with seven different playlists.

Dave Berry said: “I am overjoyed to have been offered the opportunity to host Breakfast and the chance to wake up the nation. We are already developing some exciting ideas for the show, and I can’t wait for our listeners to discover what we have up our sleeves.”

Richie Firth, who currently sits alongside Christian in Breakfast, will host his own show on mid-mornings on Absolute 80s. Meanwhile, Pete Donaldson will be looking after Hometime throughout the summer.

Absolute Radio Content Director Paul Sylvester said “Dave is one of Britain’s best breakfast broadcasters and from our first conversation we were always clear that he was the natural successor. Dave has a unique charm, intelligence and humour. He also perfectly understands the ingredients of how to make the perfect breakfast show.”

No dates have been announced for the new show as yet but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

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  1. Stef McLaney says

    Oh dear! What a disastrous decision. Christian O’Connell (and Ritchie) to Dave Berry. Really? The phrase ‘From the sublime to the ridiculous’ springs to mind. I cannot listen to DB, he is awful. He sounds like he should be on BBC Radio 1. And on all 7 stations so we don’t get a choice! I for one will be tuning in to a different station for my morning entertainment.

  2. Harvey says

    More listeners to move to moyles on radio x haha

  3. Martin Kong says

    Not surprised.

  4. John S Rowe says

    Christian, We listen to Absolute 00s every day at work so please play It’s Over by Anthony Sweeney before you go.

  5. Lee Winters says

    Thought West End Pauly would have brought in someone ‘fresh’ … not BD.. will need to check out Chris Moyles when this goes live

  6. Billy Shepherdson says

    Ritchie firth is brilliant what a stupid idea taking him off breakfast radio

  7. Billy Shepherdson says

    Just decided it’s back to Heart Northwest Joel and Lorna for me

  8. David says

    Joel & Lorna, that sounds dreadful

  9. Peter B says

    Love Christian. Although let’s give Dave a chance. The home time show is a hoot- informative and intellectual.
    Matt Dyson is a gem too. Look forward to what they’ve got in store.

  10. Angie says

    My journey to work in the morning will never be the same without Christian and Ritchie they always manage to make me laugh they are such a good team will sadly have to find another radio station to listen to. Why couldn’t Ritchie have taken the morning slot over

  11. Ian says

    Christian is funny but Richie is a natural comedian. I can’t believe they’re taking Richie off the breakfast show. Give it a a couple of months and they’ll realise what a mistake they’ve made. Richie deserves a shot. Dave berry is boring and uninteresting. I can’t believe after all these years I’ll be moving to another radio show.

  12. Darren Walker says

    Such a poor decision, Christian and Ritchie are a great combo that always make me smile on my dive into work. Dave and the ever annoying Matt who seems to just agree with every word that’s come out of Dave’s mouth is a poor choice, listener decline certain.

  13. Sarah says

    Terrible choice. Can’t stand Dave berry. Totally unfunny and annoying and Matt dyson tries so hard to be funny and fails.
    It’s cringe to listen to.
    I’ll be turning off too once they leave. Ritchie would have been brilliant. You’re listening figures will drop. Should have kept Ritchie and given it to rob Beckett

  14. Stuart says

    I’ll be turning off, I listen to absolute all day every Monday to Friday, except 4 o’clock when DB comes on, Dyson must be the only news reader that stutters his way through the news and Berry just isn’t funny.. Absolute will definitely miss the oc

  15. Leslie Sheldon says

    Sorry, can’t stand dave Berry, I’m off. Now, if Ritchie had taken over permanently I’d have stayed

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