kmfm comp asks listeners to Steal or Share


A new competition on kmfm is asking listeners to steal or share prize money.

Two listeners, who have never met, can each decide if they want to steal or share the money by telling the presenters a decision off-air. Then their decisions are played back on-air during the final round after spending a week answering questions and building up their prize fund.

If both share, each caller wins half. If both steal, they both get nothing. If one steals, they take all the cash whilst the other gets nothing.

A similar competition played on Key 103 in 2016 boosted awareness for the station when a caller rang up during the “heartless hotline” feature to steal money from a listener who had just told an emotional story about wanting to buy a wedding ring.

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  1. Paul Wells says

    1. Brian Butterworth says

      You beat me to it!!!

  2. Joe Smith says

    KMFM appealing to the lowest of the low then.

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