Nation Radio to launch in Glasgow on 96.3FM

Following the purchase of Rockscot Ltd, the new Glasgow and West / Central Scotland FM licence will launch as Nation Radio, RadioToday can confirm.

The company won the licence as Rock Radio, and has recently been testing an online stream under the Rock Radio branding, similar to that used when Rock Radio operated on the frequency.

Now, following a change of ownership, Nation Broadcasting will use the same name as its Welsh station, but without sharing any programmes. Nation Radio in Wales has no obligations to play any particular type of music, other than to promote local artists.

Nation Radio has until October to start broadcasting, and Nation’s Managing Director Martin Mumford confirmed to RadioToday yesterday that they will be launching a service from Glasgow in Autumn 2018.

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    The name change I predicted yesterday (March 14th).
    As to “not sharing any programmes from Wales”, that’ll be for a few months.

  2. Alan Hall says

    It was a real shame that Rock Radio 96.3 sounded as if it were going to be real heavy metal rock music, which I would not have listened to, I would have listened to classic rock. Something must have happened that made the guys behind Rock Radio 96.3 sell out to Nation Broadcasting.
    Just a shame Go Radio never won the 96.3 frequency.

    1. Adrian says

      I doubt if anybody can make any money out of this licence personally,in the future (though probably not immediately) I feel it is destined to be a relay of some other station / brand or a mainly non-stop jukebox.I wouldn’t expect there to be much live programming either.

  3. David says

    They should have awarded 96.3 to Radio Clyde so they could put Clyde 2 on there so that Clyde would then shut down the awful 1152kHZ AM frequency.

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