Panda Radio replaces Spectrum SINO on DAB


A new radio station has launched in place of the current Spectrum SINO service on DAB Digital Radio in London.

From today, March 1st, Panda Radio will provide live personality radio with chat, interviews, discussions and music with news from London, Europe and the Far East.

The Breakfast Show will be hosted by Gerry Edwards and Dave Chawner from 7am weekdays.

Mark Dodd, CEO of Panda Radio said: “Who doesn’t warm to a panda? Full of mischievous fun, far eastern promise and they keep your bamboo from spreading too much. We’ve designed our station based on audience research, to give our listeners the music, talk and news that reflects the interests of the metropolitan listeners interested in discovering more about the world.

Gerry Edwards, Station Manager said: “Over the last ten years I’ve helped to set up radio stations across the world, and this one is going to be fun. In fact, our listeners can expect to enjoy a packed schedule. Our presenters aren’t following scripts, and their talking isn’t timed, we think this’ll make you feel more like we’re talking with you, not talking at you.”

Panda Radio is part of GBTIMES, an international digital media network with digital, radio and TV channels with services available in Europe, Africa and China.

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