Radio & television presenter Jim Bowen dies


Former BBC Radio Lancashire presenter and television host Jim Bowen has died at the age of 80.

Jim spent a number of years on his local BBC radio station in Lancashire, hosting the Happy Daft Farm mid-morning show from 1999 to 2002. His wife confirmed the sad news of his death to the station today (Wednesday).

Jim was also a stand-up comedian and school headmaster before becoming a household name hosting Bullseye from 1981 for 14 years.

He resigned from BBC Radio Lancashire against his will, after getting in trouble for making a racist remark on air. He returned in 2007 and 2009 as a special guest on different programmes. He also hosted a mid-morning show on 106.6 Indigo FM in Cumbria in 2009.

On 27 August 2012, Jim reunited with co-presenter Sally Naden for a one-off show at BBC Radio Lancashire. His real name was James Whittaker.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    What a deeply unpleasant human being David Baddiel is.

  2. Charlie Reynolds says

    RIP Jim. I hope that Challenge pays tribute to you by showing a whole weekend of Bullseye episodes this Saturday and Sunday.

    1. simon Cole says

      ITV should as it was their show.

  3. Radio Geordie says

    Classic Bowen from Bullseye:
    JIM: What do you do for a living?
    CONTESTANT: I’m unemployed Jim.
    JIM: Super.
    Only he could get away with that.

    One thing is though, at least he could laugh at himself.
    “When I started doing Bullseye in 1981, we put the television industry back 20 years. When we finished, we’d still put it back 20 years. I knew I was rubbish, but they kept asking me back.”

    Over the last couple of years, that variety club in the sky has suddenly got one hell of a line up – Doddy, Brucie, The Two Ronnies, now Jim Bowen.

    RIP Jim.

    For the record, his birth name was Peter Williams. James Whittaker came about after he was adopted as a kid and his name was changed.

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