Jacob Rees-Mogg joins LBC to host phone in

Spring schedule changes at LBC means British Conservative politician Jacob Rees-Mogg is joining to host a new live phone in and Tom Swarbrick returns for weekend breakfast.

In addition, Ian Payne will host the weekend early breakfast show from 4am to 7am and Andrew Castle will front a new three-hour weekend drive programme from 3pm to 6pm.

The changes mean Sunday afternoon host Alex Salmond is no longer on the schedule but LBC says it is looking at other opportunities for him.

Rees-Mogg, the MP for North Somerset, starts on Monday 16th April at 9am and will be part of Nick Ferrari at Breakfast every two weeks with a live phone-in.

He said: “I am greatly looking forward to conversing with LBC’s listeners every fortnight. In the programmes I have done already, the good sense and wisdom of the callers has educated, informed and challenged me while furthering polite political discourse. I hope for more of the same.”

Tom Swarbrick was most recently working at Downing Street but before that spent more than four years at LBC as chief correspondent and then weekend afternoon presenter before leaving to become head of broadcast at Number 10.

James Rea, LBC’s Managing Editor, said: “Our new spring schedule is packed with a cast of the UK’s best broadcasters, with our two million weekly listeners in the starring role. They don’t hold back in challenging the nation’s political leaders on the issues that matter to them, so we’re looking forward to our new fortnightly phone in with Jacob Rees-Mogg. When it comes to intelligent and opinionated radio, LBC leads the way and sets the news agenda.”

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  1. MARK GUTWIN says

    LBC having common sense. I would advise them not to rush to find Alex Salmond a new position as nobody wants to hear the rubbish he speaks.

    1. Giles says

      I will not take an opinion from someone who thinks hiring victorian throwback Rees-Mogg as common sense.
      People who listen to self-serving idiots like him and Farage are all that is wrong with Britain today. LBC is nothing more than a hard-right mouthpiece now. So sad.

  2. Jeffrey M says

    Nothing wrong with Britain today,the people voted, we had to live with various useless Labour or Tory leaders.
    That is Democracy ,no perfect leaders or society.
    Nothing more intolerant than a leftist ideologue, shut down debate ,boycott those they disagree with ,”safe spaces” ?
    LBC is fairly balanced unless of course one is a card carrying

  3. Allan says

    The wonderful Darren Adam should be on at primetime.

    1. Giles says

      Tories only at primetime on Leading Britain’s Conservatives

  4. Sandra Haywood says

    Brilliant that Jacob Rees Mogg joins LBC radio. His knowledge of Brexit matters has stopped the Government from walking all over Brexiteers. He was born to be the Tory Leader and Prime Minister who will lead the people of Britain out of EU bondage to be free subjects of a thriving happy sovereign country. He is honest. You can trust what he says.. How many politicians can you say that about? All the Brexiteers I know will vote for him. He has been voted the leading candidate with 21% to be Tory Leader by the Conservative party.

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