Radio 2’s overnight show to air from Salford

OJ Borg’s new overnight show on BBC Radio 2 will be broadcast live from MediaCityUK by Audio Always and produced by Jordan Hemingway and Dan Markham.

Jordan Hemingway is currently the Heart North West breakfast producer, who has been with Global/GMG for the last nine years, whilst Dan Markham produces the soon-to-end BBC Local Radio networked evening show with Georgey Spanswick.

The results of six new commissions were announced last week by the BBC, and show Salford-based indie Audio Always won the tender to produce the brand new midnight to 3am show when it starts on May 14th. The Radio 2 commissioning brief stated that this show was aimed at ‘those working in offices and factories through the night, those driving up and down the country or for insomniacs everywhere’.

Six shows were put up for tender under the BBC’s new Radio Commissioning Framework, part of the ‘Compete or Compare’ initiative to create more competition to make BBC content. Independent production companies Wisebuddah and Somethin’ Else both won two shows, with the former to produce Gary Davies’ Sounds of the 80s and Johnnie Walker’s Rock Show, and Somethin’ Else making Ana Matronix’s Dance Devotion show and the new Late Show presented by Sara Cox. Folded Wing also picked up a commission to make the Clare Teal Show.

Will Jackson, Managing Director of the Radio Independents Group, told RadioToday: “These latest results show that the new commissioning process is shaking up the schedules and bringing a wider range of ideas to the Licence Fee payer.

With commissioning outside London a key topic at the moment, we are particularly pleased that an out-of-London company gained a long-term show – these types of commissions can really help companies build their businesses, adding creative jobs in locations outside London, and we hope to see more in future commissioning rounds.”

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  1. Mr B says

    Sorry I don’t listen to Radio 2 now not since you got rid of Janice and Alex,sickening I used to listen all the time

    1. Andy S says


  2. Andy says

    It certainly is a u-turn by BBC radio 2. They made a big thing about getting rid of Janice and Alex overnight – to be replaced by repeats and just continuous music only. Now they’ve decided they want an overnight/early hours live presented programme…. interesting!

  3. Rob Charles says

    The well known from the National Lottery & the one who was let go by Key 103 ends up with a show on Radio 2. The wonderful World of radio 2.

  4. Mike says

    Who the hell is OJ Borg?

  5. Owen says

    Still don’t understand how it’s cost effective for an indie to produce a show using BBC facilities than for the BBC to do it itself. Or maybe those working for the indies are on lesser salaries?

  6. Spencer Turner says

    Am I the only one who remembers the assurance made by Radio 2 that Janice Long would be back ????

  7. Allan Wallace says

    Yet another ludicrous decision by the incompetent controller of Radio 2.

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