Hits Radio added to London DAB radio multiplex

Hits Radio, the new near-national service from Bauer Media in Manchester, has launched in London with test transmissions.

Hits Radio will replace Key 103 in Manchester on June 4th and provide a national version for broadcast on most local multiplexes around the UK to achieve almost nationwide coverage.

It is now broadcasting a ‘coming soon’ message on 27 multiplexes across the UK and more will be added over the coming days and weeks.

Key 103 will end normal programmes on Friday ahead of the launch of Hits Radio 10 days later. The station will launch with a new schedule including Gethin Jones, Gemma Atkinson and Dave Vitty on breakfast, Mike Toolan on mornings, Debbie Mac on afternoons, Wes Butters on Drive and Sarah-Jane Crawford in the evening.

Here are the best bits of Key 103 from the last 20 years, as posted by the station today:

Areas carrying test transmissions from today

Cardiff & Newport
Exeter & Torbay

North Devon
Herts, Beds & Bucks
Reading & Basingstoke
South Hampshire
West Wilts
Northern Ireland

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  1. Radio Geordie says

    According to other sources (a516 digital & wohnort), the service is also available on a number of Now Digital platforms, but in mono.

    1. UK - Reporter says

      You haven’t read the full article have you?!

      1. Radio Geordie says

        YES I DID!
        Somebody has updated it since.

        1. UK - Reporter says

          Nope – article hasn’t been changed since it was first published.

  2. Dave says

    Surprised they did not replace absolute 90 with the hits on the Birmingham DAB multiplex?. They still have absolute 90s duplicate on D1 & on the Birmingham mux?

  3. Rob says

    Very Sad ? Not too sure the breakfast will work but only time will tell.

  4. Alun Phillips says

    I was born in 1939 – at about the same time as my Granny acquired her first “wireless set” (with a dry battery and a wet one). My friend Murphy the wireless
    kept me entertained all through the years. We went through life much like every other family in my part of Mid Wales getting our entertainment where we found it – e.g. “Don’t Knock the Rock” at the Regent Cinema in Newtown, Radio Luxembourg’s “Top Twenty” from 11p.m. ’til midight on a Sunday – while I ostensibely was doing my homework. Eventually the so-called “Homework”
    was good enough I suppose to get me into Teacher’s Training in Bangor, North Wales. The line-up on Luxembourg was changing slightly Pete Murray, Don Moss, Keith Fordyce and a programme called “The Duke’s Disks” at some stage. I think the said Duke opened the National Motor Museum eventually.
    (Fill in the blanks please – I’m still a Teacher albeit an absent-minded one.)
    When the sixties and seventies came around I was the Head Teacher of a small rural primary in Mid Wales during the week but at the weekends My wife – Joan – and I turned out as “The Carouseel Roadshow” – we did gigs in all parts of Wales but we didn’t play any of the Welsh Music that was and still is very popular within our small country. Oh yes – what’s this nonsense about coming closer to me North Brecon – how about amending that to all of Mid Wales. I live in the small village of Carno – (Well-known for being the home of the Laura Ashley empire. A lot of the evidence is still to found here – redundant factory buildings, a lot of newly built homes….previously agricultural wages weren’t
    enough for the inhabitants to even think about a mortgage. Good Luck to your new venture – despite your choice of “North Brecon” on the Mltiplex. I wonder if anybody else arounf here even know what a multiplex is. Good Luck and call on Alun Phillips if you’re on your holidays around here

  5. Alun Phillips says

    Alun Phillips apologises for his fumbly fingers in my recent contribution. I’ll go into the shed and play “Tell Laura I Love Her” “Laura is a popular name around here. Sadly, Lady (Laura) Ashley and her husband Bernard and other memers
    of the Ashley family are resting in peace in Carno Churchyard.

  6. Peter Breame says

    When will Suffolk be included in the transmission

  7. Michael V says

    I think Bauer should have gone for that dab+ space/capacity that is currently being advertised on SDL Multiplex [D2] then get on local muxes outside of the coverage areas.

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