Chris Moyles turned down Radio Hall of Fame

Radio X breakfast presenter Chris Moyles has revealed he once turned down a chance to be in the Radio Academy Hall of Fame.

Speaking on his show today, he revealed he never actually became part of the list because he didn’t want to attend the event ceremony, which previously took place at the Savoy Hotel in London on an annual basis.

“Ben (Cooper) rang me,” Chris said. “They want to induct you into the Radio Hall of Fame”. But Chris could only be part of the list if he agreed to attend the event, to which Chris replied “No I’m alright, I’m not fussed.”

“It wasn’t me being Jonny Big Bananas.. then I met Trevor Dann (Radio Academy Chair at the time) who said it was a big mistake to turn it down.”

Chris then jokingly carried on talking about where the actual Hall of Fame is located, and how the only other person to turn it down was Terry Wogan. Sir Terry later appeared on the list a couple of years later in 2009.

He said “I only get to be in it if I attend the event, otherwise I’m not in,” then highlighted that there are people inducted who are dead, who never went to the ceremony.

The Radio Academy Hall of Fame has over 100 members and recognises the immense contribution celebrated Broadcasters & Presenters have made and continue to make to our sector over the years.

We’ve clipped the audio for you below.

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  1. Joe Smith says

    Pathetic self promotion.

  2. Dave Silk says

    A Hall of Fame is only ever going to be the usual cliched subjects. Turning it down is symptomatic of the pedestrian and ego driven nonsense spouted by Moyles.

  3. Al says

    Listened to whole piece and as moyles said its a nominal award and he had better things to do….. Showed integrity unlike some liggers that turn up to any old crppy event


    I think Chris has a point, what is not mentioned is how much the fees are too be in the club.
    Like the Radio Awards, it’s become an establishment business, in which you are coursed into the club.
    I think Chris understands that and his work especially for Radio 1 reflects, what he did for the station and they have never been able to find a younger (cheaper) replacement.
    Also he didn’t do as was expected by the media establishment move to Radio 2, as per Chris Evan (is he in the Hall of Fame).

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