Ed Miliband back at Radio 2 to cover Jeremy Vine


Former Leader of the Labour Party and MP for Doncaster North Ed Miliband is returning to BBC Radio 2 covering the Jeremy Vine Show.

He’s making a comeback after his first cover shifts last year, and will be on-air next week – Monday to Wednesday (9th to 11th July) from 12pm till 2pm.

In addition, Lord Michael Howard will front the programme for the following three shows, on Thursday 12, Friday 13 and Monday 16 July.

Lewis Carnie, Head of Radio 2, says: “I am delighted that triumphant returner Ed Miliband and Radio 2 newcomer Lord Howard will be presenting the Jeremy Vine show for three days each in July. Ed Miliband set the bar high last summer and I’m sure Lord Howard will be equally as entertaining”.

Ed was paid £500 per show last time he covered the show and received a warm reception, even when discussing the topic of toilets.

Phil Jones, Editor of the Jeremy Vine show says: “Ed Miliband went down so well with the listeners last year we thought we just had to invite him back. This follows a tradition of Radio 2’s popular current affairs show being occasionally guest-presented by prominent politicians. It began with figures such as Neil Kinnock and the late Charles Kennedy. Political coverage is the bedrock of the programme and this is a sign of how important politics is to BBC Radio 2, especially at such a key time in the nation’s history. Each day we will cover the big stories that affect our listeners and continue to inform, educate and entertain the Radio 2 audience.”

Lord Howard says: “I’m grateful for the opportunity to present the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2. As a young man I was offered the opportunity of becoming a disc jockey in the United States, which I regret to say I turned down. Now at last I can fulfil that ambition, as well as seeing what it’s like to be the journalist who forces politicians to answer the questions.”

Ed Miliband says: “I’m very flattered to have been asked back to present Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine show. My death metal career has really taken off since my performance with Napalm Death on the show last year but I wanted to give something back to the place where it all began.”

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  1. joandsimon says

    Dear Lewis Carnie… Why are Ed Miliband and Michael Howard only presenting for a few days? Won’t their shows need a couple of months to “bed in” before they work? #joandsimon

  2. Allan Wallace says

    How appropriate that Radio 2 should employ two failed leaders to join a failing radio station.

  3. Joe Smith says

    Practically anyone would be better than Vine. Except Evans, Wright and Feltz obviously.

  4. Hank Wymov says

    One day a presenter will book holiday and R2 will put out a statement to this effect “We’re pleased to announce that the programme will be covered by xxxx xxxx who we have nurtured through local radio and now they are moving into the next natural progression.They have been well managed, encouraged and now their time served and talent is paying off. That they are not a celebrity or failed political leader is of no consequence.” Oh – I just woke up in my cornflakes.

    1. Paul Lockhart says

      Well said – sums up perfectly Radio 2 – no real radio people or music lovers on there now -should be binned off now

  5. DaveP says

    No radio talent needed at Radio 2 anymore. Plently of slots however for failed politicians who have no radio or broadcasting experience.

  6. Paul Lockhart says

    Why is the Jeremy Vine still on Radio 2? Radio 2 is becoming more chat than music – listen less these days. Too much chat and not enough music.

  7. ciaran flavin says

    A chance for Michael Howard to get into the music and announce the records he plays. There are plenty of djs today who never mention the name of any record they play during the show. Capital FM is terrible in this regard. Little wonder that people havent a clue whats happening these days in the pop music industry.
    I notice that Ed and Michael are getting £500 a programme which is far less than most of the regular presenters are getting.

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