Ed Miliband earned £500 a show at BBC Radio 2

MP Ed Miliband was paid £500 per show when he covered for Jeremy Vine at BBC Radio 2 recently.

The Doncaster North Member of Parliment declared the amount of £2,500 for the work via the Register of Members’ Interests. He says he worked for approx 30 hours from 19th June to 23rd June 2017.

One of his first topics on the cover show was about the way toilets flush.

A week later, whilst Jeremy Vine took the second week off, Iain Duncan Smith hosted the lunchtime phone-in but details of his payment have not yet been made public.

Find out what it was like working with the two guest hosts as Producer Tim Johns talked to Trevor Dann on a recent edition of the RadioToday Programme.

Source: Register of Members’ Financial Interests via Order-Order.com

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Posted on Thursday, August 3rd, 2017 at 10:14 pm by UK - Reporter

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  1. joe says

    They could have sat a pot plant in the chair and stuck some music on shuffle. It would have only cost a couple of quid for the plant and would have improved the Jeremy Vine tabloid show by a 1000%.

    1. Irn-Bru Kid says

      Then you’ll enjoy BBC Radio 2’s overnight shows, which are exactly as you’ve described without the unnecessary expense of the potted plant.

      Cheap radio loses listeners, whether private or public sector.

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